We Need Your Help Finding a Roof!

In 2010 BurlingtonGreen launched BrightSky Power. We did this because we fully recognize the importance and urgency to establish solar energy projects in an effort to reduce the use of dirty, non-renewable energy. We need to start taking action NOW. While we urge homeowners who can to install solar panels on their own roofs, BrightSky is currently in need of a large roof typical of a corporate, industrial or office application to host a community project. 

We need to find a commercial building that has 30,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. of space to install enough panels for our community project.  If you know someone who owns an office building, a manufacturing plant or commercial space, please let us know.  We need to speak with the owners of the suitable rooftops to explain the merits of working with BrightSky.  Here’s what you can do to help.


BrightSky Power has an amazing value proposition to rooftop owners.  The difficulty is in getting in contact with an owner to explain the benefits of a community power project.  We need your help to let us know the name and contact information of the owner of a suitable roof.  Even better is a referral where we can leverage a relationship to get a receptive audience. 

Calling Rooftop Owners

BrightSky is looking for volunteers to call a large number of building owners.  The objective here is to get a “foot in the door” with the owner so the co-op’s board of directors can follow up with an face-to-face meeting to discuss the opportunity in greater depth.  As a volunteer caller, you don’t need to have an answer for every question and are not expected to close the deal. You just need to inform as much as is needed to capture their interest and get a commitment to arrange a meeting. Click here for more information on how you can help call prospective owners.

Rooftop Criteria

Not all rooftops are good candidates to host a solar project.  By adhering to the following criteria, we can save much time and effort by following up only with rooftops that meet the criteria.

Age: We are seeking roofs less than 10 years old. It must be in good shape and needs to have a 20 year life with little or no need for repair.
Obstructions/Shading: Ideally there should be no trees, buildings or other structures to the south that would cast a shadow on the panels. This may be observed somewhat in advance using Google Maps or Bing Maps. Also, consider what MAY be built to the south of the building in the future.
Direction/Slope: If the roof is not flat, then it should have a slope that slants approximately south facing.
Area: 30,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. of uninterrupted space.  No air conditioning units or other obstacles in the 30,000 – 50,000 sq. ft.  Mechanical units can be present but in adjoining space. Again, this can be observed in advance using Google Maps or Bing Maps. The area can be calculated using the tool at
Structurally Sound Roof: Must be capable of accommodating between 3 and 7 lbs per sq. ft. of additional load.  This may be hard to tell from a conversation with the owner.
What to Do

Please check with your contacts to see if they have a roof that matches our Rooftop Criteria.  If you find a match, please email with the owner’s contact information as soon as you can.

Thank you!