About Us

BrightSky Power is a community solar energy initiative spearheaded by the BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association.  BrightSky Power is seizing the opportunity created by Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act and its Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program for the benefit of local residents by developing solar power installations on rooftops in the Halton area.

The goal is to give all residents the opportunity to directly invest in projects by becoming a member of a renewable energy co-operative and purchasing shares or bonds. The community power projects will allow people who may not own property suitable for solar panels or do not have the available funds to buy their own solar system, to participate in Ontario's new green economy. By offering residents the opportunity to invest in renewable projects, the renewable energy co-operatives enable all of us to earn income from solar energy and keep our energy dollars in our local economy! The projects will serve as a demonstration of the opportunity to make our municipalities leaders in sustainable energy as well as showing the success of community participation.

November, 2012 – BrightSky Power has partnered with the Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario (GECO), in their effort to build solar roof installations in Burlington and the rest of Halton.  GECO has access to a number of projects already identified in Halton and is ready to apply for power contracts when the application period opens. 

Please check out GECO’s website (www.geco.coop) for more information about the co-op.  In the meantime, BrightSky is encouraging all supporters to join GECO (the membership is only $10) and help bring renewable energy to Halton!